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2 weeks ago @ 10:04AM

Athletic Health and Safety Plan

Schuylkill Valley School District

PA “Yellow Phase” or “Green Phase”      Summer Optional Workouts

Covid-19 is an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person.  The virus that causes COVID-19 is a new coronavirus that has spread throughout the world. Virus symptoms can range from mild (or no symptoms) to severe illness or in some cases death. 

An individual can become infected by coming into close contact (less than 6 feet or two arm lengths) with a person who has COVID-19 as the virus is primarily spread from person to person. Infections occur from respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Infection may also occur by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it, and then by touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. 

While it is not possible to eliminate all risk of spreading COVID-19, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises there are many steps schools can take to reduce the risks to students, coaches, and their families.  The Schuylkill Valley School District will take precautions to help to ensure the safety of students and staff while following the recommendations of federal, state and local governments as well as the CDC, NFHS and PIAA. No amount of safety precautions, however, can guarantee a student will not become infected. As more information becomes available about COVID-19, this plan may be modified and updated.

Summer workouts for all teams may begin on Monday, June 29.  A schedule for work-outs and site locations will be developed by the Athletic Director in conjunction with the coaches.  

High Risk Groups
People with a higher risk of COVID-19 should not participate in athletic activities or attend any athletic contests.  Some of the higher risk categories are:
•    People at a higher risk for severe illness
•    People who are immuno-compromised
•    Older adults
•    Individuals with moderate or severe Asthma
•    Individuals with HIV
•    Individuals with Liver or Kidney Disease 
•    Individuals who are Pregnant or Breast-Feeding

If there is a concern about the risk associated with participation due to underlying health conditions, the individual should consult their health care provider prior to returning to sports.  

Point of Contact 
The primary point of contact for this plan is the Athletic Director. Secondary contacts are the Athletic Trainers.

PPE Requirements
All coaches directly interacting with student-athletes will wear face coverings at all times.  Any exceptions to this – for medical reasons – must be approved by the Athletic Director.  

It is recommended that student-athletes wear a face covering while participating in workouts unless this would cause an undue burden or health issue. Any exceptions for medical reasons must be approved by the Athletic Director.  During team talks/meetings, face coverings will be required.

Pre-Participation Screening
When a coach or student-athlete arrives for a work-out, he/she will be required to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.  Following that, the individual will report to either a coach or athletic personnel who will screen each individual and take their temperature (see Appendix I).  During this screening process, coaches, athletic personnel and student-athletes must be wearing a face covering.  Documentation will be done via a paper form or the use of online documentation.  Coaches will keep this documentation and will send it to the athletic trainers to have a backup copy in the medical files.   

If there is a finding of COVID19 or a concern with a “Yes” answer, the student-athlete or coach should be isolated and sent home.

As part of this process, the individual conducting the screening may utilize a non-contact thermometer to take the temperature of each student-athlete.  If someone registers a temperature of 100.3 or higher, he/she will be isolated for 5 minutes and the temperature will be taken again.  Following another 5-minute isolation period, the student-athlete will have a 3rd temperature reading.  If the average temperature of the 3 readings is 100.3 or higher, the parent/guardian must be contacted to pick up the student-athlete.  Parents will be asked to have the student-athlete examined by a medical professional and to provide follow-up documentation that the student is free from the COVID-19 virus.  

Prior to participation in summer work-outs, parents will be required to sign a waiver form indicating that they and their child understand the risks of COVID-19 associated with participation.  This form must be turned in before a student-athlete can begin participation.  Included in the form will be information about COVID-19 and safety precautions that can be taken.  This will be similar to the education and sign-off forms for concussion and sudden cardiac arrest.

Coaches will encourage any student-athlete who feels sick to remain home.

Signs will be posted in bathrooms, locker rooms and near training facilities emphasizing social distancing and proper hygiene.  

Social Distancing
Coaches and student-athletes must stay 6’ apart at all times and all activities must be non-contact.  Workout and training activities must be organized to allow for this required spacing.  This includes student-athletes actively engaged in drills, as well as student-athletes waiting for participation.

Coaches will make every effort to group student-athlete in small pods as appropriate.  

In addition, student-athletes should not enter or leave the practice facility together or within 6’ of each other.  Parents picking up student-athletes should remain in their vehicles.

Locker rooms, meeting rooms and the training room will not be available unless approved by the Athletic Director and for a specific purpose.  

Student-athlete and coach bags, apparel, etc. should be separated 6’ apart.  

Number of Participants
Each activity area will be limited to 250 participants (or such other number as the Commonwealth, PIAA or CDC may determine) which includes coaches and student-athletes.  Parents, community members and spectators will not be permitted to attend.

Equipment Sanitizing
Prior to each workout, all equipment will be sanitized.  Student-athletes may not share equipment with one another including athletic equipment, pinnies, etc.  Any time equipment is used by one individual, it will be sanitized prior to the next person using that piece of equipment.  There will be no shared equipment unless prior approval is given by the Athletic Director and under strict guidelines.

Every team will be provided with a minimum of one spray bottle filled with a sanitizing solution.  This will be refilled as needed. 

Student-athletes and coaches will be encouraged to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently during training sessions.  

A maximum of 2 individuals may be in the bathrooms at any given time.  These spaces will be cleaned on a regular basis.  Doors to enter these areas will be propped open when possible to allow for air flow.  

Weight Room
Weight equipment will be moved outdoors when possible.  Strength training will be done using alternative means such as dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, etc. which can be allocated to one student-athlete at a time.  No more than one person may be at a piece of weight room equipment at a time and individuals must remain a minimum of 6’ apart.  

The weight room will be accessed through the exterior cafeteria door.  Exit from the weight room will be through the exterior weight room door.

If student-athletes choose to wear weight-lifting gloves, these should be washed after each use.  

All student-athlete must provide their own water bottles and hydration which should be labeled with the individuals’ name.  The District is not able to provide water or the use of coolers during workouts.  In addition, water fountains will not be available. Water bottles shall not be shared. 

Personal Conduct
There will be no chewing gum, spitting, licking fingers or eating sunflower seeds.  Student-athletes will not be permitted to shake hands, high five one another or fist bump during workouts.  

At the conclusion of a work-outs, student-athletes must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.  Student-athletes will be encouraged to shower as soon as they get home from their workout.  In addition, student-athletes should be encouraged to wash all garments and equipment after each workout.

Facility Cleaning
All facilities utilized during summer work-outs will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.  The Director of Buildings and Grounds will establish a schedule for cleaning.  

Student-Athlete or Coach Who Contract COVID-19
If a student-athlete or coach comes down with  COVID-19 , the individual must quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and/or follow CDC or their doctor’s orders.  Any individual who was in close contact with the person diagnosed with COVID-19 will be contacted.  The District will consult with health professionals and advise on whether the secondary individual must also quarantine.  

For any person contracting COVID-19, to be eligible to return to summer workouts, the following must be in place:
1.    At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (no fever without using fever-reducing medicines)
2.    Individual has no continued respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, etc.)
3.    At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared
4.    Written documentation of clearance from a health care provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) with the date clearly identified on which they can return.

Classification of Sports
High Risk - Sports that involve close, sustained contact between participants, lack of significant protective barriers, and high probability that respiratory particles will be transmitted between participants.
    EX – Football, Wrestling, Cheerleading (stunting)

Moderate Risk - Sports that involve close, sustained contact, but with protective equipment in place that may reduce the likelihood of respiratory particle transmission between participants OR intermittent close contact OR group sports that use equipment that can’t be cleaned between participants.
    EX – Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, Track Jumping Events

Low Risk - Sports that can be conducted with social distancing or individually with no sharing of equipment of the ability to clean the equipment between use by competitors
    EX – Cross-Country, Track Running and Throwing Events, Swimming, Golf, Sideline Cheerleading

Sport-Specific Accommodations
Cheerleading – The focus will be on conditioning and strength training.  No stunting will occur.  When practicing sideline cheer, student-athletes will be wearing face covering.  

Cross-Country – Runners will remain 6’ apart from one another

Field Hockey – Focus will be on conditioning and individual skill development.  Players will remain 6’ apart during all drills.  No live game play or small sided games.  

Football – Groups will be separated into different pods on the field.  Quarterbacks will have their own balls and will practice throwing into nets.  Ball carriers/runners will work on agility and ball security using their own football.  Offensive linemen will remain 6’ apart and will work on stances and steps.  Defensive linemen will work on stances, starts and redirection skills individuals.  Linebackers and secondary will work on pass drops and redirection skills.  All members of the team will work on speed drills at a safe distance of 6’ in all directions.  Strength training will be done using body weight exercises and medicine balls in shifts with equipment sanitized in between uses.  If/When dumbbells and barbells are used, each player will use only one barbell or set of dumbbells which will be disinfected between groups.

Golf – Players will remain 6’ apart at all times

Soccer/Field Hockey – Focus will be on individual skills such as foot skills as well as technical and tactical training.  There will be no contact, throw ins, heading the ball or small sided games.  Due to team sizes, workouts will be conducted for 3 hours with the team divided into two 1.5 hour sessions.  The field will be divided into four grids with small groups of players staying together.   

Tennis – Players will use their own balls (labeled, different colors).  Players will only be allowed to touch their balls.  Balls will be picked up using hoppers or rackets.  

Volleyball – Players will be asked to wear masks during passing and serve receive drills.  An outdoor volleyball court has been purchased so that workouts can be held outdoors.  

Basketball – Players will be stationed at individual baskets the vast majority of the time.  Individual skill program with a personal basketball to work on dribbling, shooting, perimeter moves, post moves.  There will also be walk-throughs of teaching concepts while maintaining social distancing.  EX – offensive players can’t move from their spot.  Defense must maintain 6’ of distance.  Offensive players pass an imaginary ball to teach defensive slides and positioning.  

Wrestling – Will only work on strength training and conditioning.  Shadow wrestling will be permitted.  All wrestlers will remain 6’ apart.

Bowling – On hold until bowling lanes open.

Swimming – Pool is closed for the summer.  No activity

Baseball/Softball – Focus will be on individual skill practice and conditioning/strength training.  Players will use their own individual softball and practice throwing, fielding and hitting into nets only with self-retrieval of balls.  Field drills and defensive strategy will be conducted with an imaginary softball.  

Track & Field – Training will be individual running and throws.  Jumping will be done independently and padding will be sanitized between individual sessions.  

Lacrosse – Team will work on individual skills and partner drills with 6’ distance between players.  No checking or contact on the boys’ side.  No live play or small sided games.    

Adopted June 22, 2020

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